Most people renovate their home to add comfort, get better use or increase the value of a property. Or it might need a tidy up before selling to increase its appeal. It can be a costly experience so make sure you use qualified, experienced builders and tradespeople to get the best result

Over capitalising means more money has been put into a renovation that can be recouped through the increase in value of the property. You might put $30,000 into a new kitchen only to find it has not increased the value of your property at all.

If you are planning on spending a large sum on renovations or alterations purely to get a better price for your property, talk to a real estate expert about whether this is actually going to happen.

Keep a close eye on costs to make sure you don’t overspend on things like fancy tap-ware and lighting that might not make a difference in terms of a return on your investment.

It’s possible, but depends on the extent of the alterations. Talk to us when planning your renovations and we’ll advise you on the likely impact of the type of work you’ll be having done.

In some cases it would be best to find alternative accommodation while work is being done.

First of all, think about what outcome you want. You will need to think about your budget – how much do you have to spend on the alterations? Will it add value to the property, if no – think carefully about how much you should spend on renovations.

Do you just want to give your home or one particular room a spruce up, or are you after a more significant improvement? Do you want to support your lifestyle better – eg work from home, entertaining, hobbies, etc.

If you are significantly altering the home you may need a building consent.

Most of the alteration work we do is adding a room, new kitchens, new bathrooms or complete makeovers.

We focus on improving the look of the property and ensuring it is done to a high standard.

Talk to clients who have worked with that builder. Look at other properties they have worked on.

We provide information about previous jobs we’ve done so you can talk to these owners to reassure yourself that we do quality work.