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Keeping your home in its best shape is a never-ending process and can be very hard work. Our team of qualified builders can get up ladders, under floorboards and inside roofs so you don’t need to be – and can spend your free time on your own DIY projects.

The benefits of working with Platinum Pacific for your maintenance & repairs:

  • Any work is done to a professional standard
  • Less money spent on expensive tools to only be used once or twice
  • We have a huge range of tools to ensure the correct tool is used for the job
  • We can assess any possible issues before they arise
  • There’s less risk of any complications coming from DIY issues

Maintaining your property is a vital step to keeping things running smoothly, and ensuring you get the best value out of your property. Regular maintenance is the best way to prevent expensive damage from ruining your home and offers you peace of mind regarding your biggest asset.

Talk to Platinum Pacific Homes about our maintenance and repair programmes.

Any work we undertake will come with a report outlining exactly what work has been undertaken, along with a maintenance booklet detailing how to care for your property’s specific features and a schedule breakdown for actioning this maintenance. We’ll also setup a reminder system so you’re aware when these activities are coming up again.


Whatever the cause, Platinum Pacific Homes will fix damage quickly and efficiently. From electrical and plumbing repairs to structural strengthening, we’re qualified for all manner of work in and around your property.

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