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Many New Zealand homes were built during the era where leaky homes were the standard and now property owners are feeling the long-term consequences of questionable building practices. The demand for recladding in Auckland has skyrocketed as it provides homeowners the ability to fix their leaky homes while giving the exterior a fresh look.

When recladding a leaky home, it’s vital to replace any rotting timber found within the frame. This means that an extremely detailed property inspection needs to take place to map out the undertaking and address the underlying problems. Platinum Pacific has a wealth of experience working with leaky homes, using the latest technology and knowledge to offer efficient and high-quality recladding services.

All repairs that require the replacement of a failed cladding system require Building Consent. Read below to learn how Platinum Pacific approaches house recladding.

The 6 Steps to Recladding:

We’ve found that, generally, a recladding project will consist of six vital steps to be completed properly:

  1. Planning
  • Establish the extent of the problem/damage and begin working on the best practical solution
  • Meeting with council inspectors, the project manager, owner, and building professionals to discuss potential issues that could arise
  1. Building Preparation
  • Scaffolding is safely and securely in place
  • Tarpaulins protecting the building from weather interference
  • Using dust covers and plastic sheets for internal work, when appropriate
  1. Removal & Exposure
  • Removing and disposing of the existing cladding in the appropriate manner
  • Carefully remove and store window joinery
  • Council inspector will assess the exposed frame
  1. Repair Work (The Big Job)
  • Repair any damaged components and replace all rotten timber
  • Make any necessary modifications or repairs to the roof/junction/decks
  • Apply timber preservative to all new and existing timber
  • Upgrade or install new joinery
  • Council inspection carried out
  1. The Reclad
  • New cladding is installed to a professional standard
  • An inspection of the new cladding is carried out
  1. The Final Touches
  • Re-painting where necessary
  • Removing scaffolding and other materials from the site
  • A final inspection is carried out

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