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Once you’re aware of any water related issues, it’s best to take action straight away. Once water has made its way to the timber, your estimated costs will start to skyrocket. We’re able to offer pricing for the recladding and any window/roof upgrades that may be necessary, however the timber replacement is an unknown variable and this price won’t be available until the cladding has been removed.

Talk to Platinum Pacific Reclad – we are the leaky home repair specialist you can trust.

If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s important that you repair the framing prior to putting your property on the market for anywhere close to it’s potential value. As soon as buyers learn they’re buying a leaky home, they will either drop their offer or retract it entirely.

While recladding and replacing timber you have the opportunity to really add some value to your property. Lining up your recladding with more in-depth alterations can cut down on some overlapping costs.


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