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In New Zealand’s challenging climate, recladding is essential for maintaining structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.

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Why House Recladding in Auckland is Essential

In Auckland’s ever-changing weather, house recladding is more than a cosmetic upgrade – it’s essential for safeguarding your property against moisture intrusion, preventing decay, and maintaining structural integrity.

Our recladding in Auckland involves replacing worn or damaged exterior cladding with modern, durable materials, ensuring long-term protection and adding value to your home.

Don’t wait until issues arise; invest in house recladding in Auckland today for peace of mind and a revitalised exterior.

Explore our Recladding Services and Process


Assess the extent of damage and discuss solutions with stakeholders and professionals.

Building Preparation

Erect scaffolding, apply protective measures and prepare for internal work.

Removal & Exposure

Dispose of old cladding, assess exposed frame, and store window joinery.

Repair Work

Replace damaged components, treat timber, and upgrade joinery as needed.

The Reclad

Install new cladding to professional standards and conduct inspections.

Final Touches

Repaint, clear the site of materials, and conduct a final inspection.

Why Choose Platinum Pacific For Recladding on the North Shore

Partnering with Platinum Pacific for your house recladding needs on the North Shore ensures you benefit from:

Recladding Specialists: Our team comprises experienced recladding specialists adept at tackling challenges unique to the North Shore area.
Local Knowledge: With extensive experience in recladding on the North Shore, we understand the specific environmental and architectural factors crucial for successful recladding projects.
Comprehensive Recladding Solutions: From assessment to completion, we offer comprehensive recladding services tailored to your property’s requirements, ensuring optimal results.
Quality Craftsmanship: Trust in our commitment to deliver re cladding workmanship of the highest standard, enhancing the durability and aesthetics of your home.
Transparent Communication: We prioritise clear and open communication throughout the house recladding process, keeping you informed and involved at every stage.

Partner with Platinum Pacific for recladding excellence on the North Shore, and experience the difference our expertise brings to your home renovation project.

Learn More About the Recladding Process

Platinum Pacific Homes and our team of recladding specialists are here to support you throughout the entire process.

Our expertise and resources give homeowners the knowledge they need to make the right choice.

Explore our home recladding guide to discover essential information on our recladding services and find out the cost of recladding a house in NZ. Once you’re informed and ready to begin the process, it’s time to reach out to our recladding specialists.

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Recladding - Frequently Asked Questions

What Cladding Should I Use To Reclad My Home?

A cladding system refers to the external layer of the building which (in conjunction with the roof) provides a “weathertight exterior envelope.” Different cladding systems can vary the overall aesthetic appearance of the building.It is a weather protection system and is one of the biggest design decisions to be made as it can fundamentally alter the way a property appears.

When recladding a home you can reclad in a plaster system or change to something different such as a weatherboard. The cladding system should be sympathetic to the design of the property. Weatherboard is a popular choice, although there are other options such as panels which can be used to give different looks and finishes including textured or smooth. There is also masonry, fibre cement, brick, plywood panelling and even fibreglass, metal and aluminium. 

Each option has different installation and maintenance requirements. The location of the building should also be taken into account – for example brick is not the best option in earthquake prone areas

Can I Fix Just The Problem Areas Without Having To Reclad The Whole House? 

Absolutely – if the problems are isolated. Careful consideration is required, accurate assessments of the causes of the damage and the amount of damage to various building elements before any remedial work is undertaken.  We can provide expert advice in this area, with both non invasive and invasive testing to ascertain any issues of water ingress and timber frame damage.

Do I Need A Building Consent?

Yes, as of March 2008, any building work carried out to repair water ingress problems require a Building Consent. Auckland Council also have extra inspection steps for recladding building projects that are designed to give property owners greater peace of mind.

Can I Stay In My Home Or Will I Have To Move Out?

Depending on the timber frame damage it may be better to move out. There are a number of reasons for this…

  • Health / Noise – as your home does become a building site, there are safety issues, as well as dirt and dust.
  • Speed – living on site may slow the construction timeline.
  • Security – when windows are removed there is a security risk to both you and your property.

How Long Will It Take To Repair/Reclad?

Depending on the size of the property, between 8-20 weeks. For example a house 160-200m2 usually takes 12-14 weeks.The issues that impact on the timeline are size of the house, complexity of the design, the number of building element failures and the amount of timber frame damage there is.