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Meet With Us For A Free Consultation

Contact us and we will come to you to discuss your project ideas, and what the process will be moving forward. This initial meeting will give us insight into your lifestyle and what your vision is for your property.

Concept Design & Pricing

We will work with one of our trusted architects to create some design concepts in line with your vision. Based on these concept drawings, we will provide you with a cost estimate to ensure that the final design is kept within your budget.
Once the design is signed off, we will start working drawings. We will then submit an accurate price based on these plans. This price will provide you with a detailed pricing schedule outlining all inclusions and exclusions to avoid any hidden costs throughout the duration of the build.
This 2-stage pricing process is our unique way of ensuring that your build budget is not over-stretched and you feel more in control of the design and build process. We have all heard of stories where the build cost runs away from the home owner causing major stress. This won’t happen to you if you use our 2-stage pricing process.
At this stage we also provide a timeline (construction period) for the build.
If you already have a set of concept/working drawings, we are able to work with these.


Once you have approved the pricing we will provide a building contract for signing, with the option of the 10 year Halo guarantee.
We will prepare and lodge the Building Consent Application with Auckland Council (and Resource Consent if required).

Confirmation of Finishing Schedule

While your plans are with Council awaiting consent, you select the finishes and colours for your new home/renovation/reclad.
We have kitchen designers and colour consultants to offer assistance if required.

Construction and Project Management

As soon as Council has approved the Building Consent, our skilled team will be ready to start. You will have met your dedicated Project and Site Managers and they will orchestrate the build from start to finish.
Our Project/Site Managers will hold regular site meetings with you to iron out any problems and keep you informed of progress.  We believe strong communication between the homeowner and ourselves leads to a win-win for all involved.
Progress payments will be required as specified in the contract.

Completion And Handover

On completion of the build, we will arrange a final Council inspection.  At this stage, we will invite to inspect your new home together with the Project Manager.  If the build has been a renovation or reclad, you will now be able to fully utilize your home again.
When Council have passed the final inspection, we will apply for Code of Compliance (CCC) for your property.  Any consented building work requires a CCC, which confirms that all works have been completed in accordance with the plans and specifications of the Consent.  Without a CCC, the ability to sell your house is significantly compromised. There may also be insurance implications.
Once all parties are satisfied, we will meet you on site to hand over the keys and provide you with an information pack including a maintenance schedule and all relevant warranties and guarantees.  The maintenance schedule provides detailed information about the upkeep and maintenance of your home moving forward.


Recladding your home adds significant value to your property.  It also assists toward an improved and potentially quicker sale process, whether this is immediately after the reclad or years down the line. Recladding is a significant undertaking but the benefits are huge.  It is an exciting opportunity to create a new and modern home better suited to your lifestyle while also addressing any weather tightness issues your home may have. By carrying out a reclad your property will have its true value restored.

The process for a reclad is largely the same as a new build or renovation.  However, Council are very strict regarding recladding and there are a few extra steps which must be followed to ensure building code standards are met.  Our team has extensive experience in this field. See our case studies for some recent projects we are very proud of. Rest assured that you are in the best possible hands for your reclad, new build or renovation.