Protect Your Investment with Expert Leaky Home Repairs in Auckland

Are you grappling with the structural integrity of your home, leading to the risk of costly leaks and damage? Turn to Platinum Pacific, your trusted partner for leaky home repairs in Auckland.

Our experienced team specialises in comprehensive house leak repairs, designed to restore your property and shield it from future challenges.


Tailored Solutions for Lasting Results

Leaky home repairs in Auckland demand a personalised approach, and at Platinum Pacific, we deliver just that.

Our proven process begins with a meticulous property assessment, identifying the extent of damage and formulating a strategic plan for restoration.


Transparent and Collaborative Approach

We understand the emotional and financial toll of dealing with leaky homes. Our leaky home builders collaborate closely with homeowners, providing clear explanations of the repair process and ensuring transparency at every step.


Beyond Repairs: Fortifying Your Property

Choosing Platinum Pacific means more than just leaky home repairs; it’s an investment in the lasting health of your property. Our repairs not only address visible damage but also focus on preventing future issues, giving you peace of mind.

Types of House Leak Repair Services We Offer:


If the problem is an isolated one, and has not been occurring for too long, then a simple repair may be in order. This is possible if a leak occurs only in certain weather conditions, or an isolated water leak has been found quickly before extensive damage could occur.

These can usually be repaired cheaply, with the cost being dependent on the amount of work to be carried out. A Registered Building Surveyor will identify areas of your home that require fixing and can produce a report detailing problems and an estimated cost for this to be completed.

This may or may not require Building Consent; it is dependent on the type of problem causing the leak and the means of the house leak repair.


If the problem is isolated but has been occurring over some time and has caused rot, the wall will need to be exposed. The damaged framing, all mould affected materials, and any rotting timber will need to be removed and disposed of. The damaged materials will then need to be replaced and the leak repaired.

Again, a Registered Building Surveyor will be able to identify areas of your home that require remedial work and can produce a report detailing problems along with an estimated cost for this to be completed. Repairs that require the replacement of part of a failed exterior cladding system will require a Building Consent.


If the problem is not isolated to one area, then the full recladding of the leaky home may be required.

We use an independent Registered Building Surveyor (Leaky Home Specialist) to investigate the damage to your property. The Registered Building Surveyor will identify areas of your home that require remedial work and can recommend a recladding process to repair any damaged framing, construction or workmanship deficiencies, or existing cladding issues.

A report detailing problems can be produced, and an estimated cost for the work to be completed. Keep in mind that an estimated cost is an estimate only. Actual remedial work may cost more once the entire frame has been exposed and checked. During the recladding process, there will be scaffolding, window removal, tarpaulins, and lots of dust. It is a building site, so there can be potential safety issues, particularly if you have children.

Choose Platinum Pacific for Lasting Protection

Don’t let the challenges of leaky homes compromise your investment. Trust Platinum Pacific for expert leaky home repairs in Auckland – your dedicated partner in fortifying properties and safeguarding homeowners for years to come.

Leaky Home Repairs - Auckland - Frequently Asked Questions

What"s the first thing I should do if I notice signs of leaking? 

If you detect signs of leaking, reach out to experienced leaky home builders promptly.

  • Consult Professionals: Contact reputable leaky home builders for a thorough assessment.
  • Prevent Further Damage: Take immediate steps to mitigate potential harm.
  • Avoid DIY Fixes: Resist the urge to address it yourself; professionals offer specialised solutions.

Swift action by skilled leaky home builders ensures a comprehensive evaluation and effective resolution of the issue.

How can I schedule a property assessment for potential leaky home issues?

To schedule a property assessment for potential leaky home issues and initiate effective house leak repair, reach out to our experienced team. For home renovations in Auckland you can trust, contact Platinum Pacific. We’ll discuss your concerns and arrange a convenient time for our professionals to inspect your property. 

We prioritise timely assessments to identify any potential issues and provide tailored solutions to address house leak repair needs, ensuring the longevity and stability of your home.

Can you explain the process involved in repairing a leaky home?

Our leaky home repairs process encompasses a thorough assessment, identifying the root cause of leaks. 

Following this, our skilled team outlines a comprehensive repair plan. We utilise industry best practices and materials to address the specific issues, ensuring long-term stability. 

From moisture damage remediation to structural reinforcement, our process is designed for effective and lasting leaky home repairs, prioritising the integrity and durability of your property.

If I Have A Leaky Home Is It Unsafe To Live In It?

Apart from the health risks, as above, there can be many structural, safety and sanitary issues with a leaky home. Load bearing and bracing walls, if weakened from rot, can become extremely unsafe.

How Long Will It Take To Repair a Leaky Home?

Depending on the size of the property, between 8-20 weeks. For example a house 160-200m2 usually takes 12-14 weeks. The issues that impact on the timeline are size of the house, complexity of the design, the number of building element failures and the amount of timber frame damage there is.

Can I Sell My Leaky Home And What"s It Worth?

You can sell the house, Careful consideration should be taken to ensure that full disclosure of any problems known to you are made aware to any prospective purchaser. Speak with your real estate agent and lawyer before placing the property on the market. 

The property may be worth considerably less than a similar property with no leaking issues. In extreme cases the property may be worth little more than land value.

Contact us at Platinum Pacific Reclad for an assessment of repair costs so you know what your options are.